Preferred Market

Seattle, WA


Blue skies dry the rain
in the Emerald City

Neighborhoods we Specialize in

  • Pioneer Square
  • Capitol Hill
  • Pike Place
  • Pike/Pine
  • South Lake Union
  • First Hill

Market Background

Don’t let the rainy climate or brooding music fool you. There’s enough energy and opportunity in Seattle to power the entire Pacific Northwest—and is pretty much does. Anchored by the economic strength of giants like Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle’s tech-loving spirit remains fresh, with an evergreen startup community that continually refreshes the local job market. This keeps a steady stream of capital flowing into the city that nobody predicts will end any time soon.

Development Highlights

While the fast-growing population is mainly comprised of young, tech-oriented professionals, Seattle’s growth is also driven by groups like empty-nesters, who come to the city for its arts, culture, and west coast pace—and bring healthy net worths with them. And while this broad cultural palette—including music of every variety, theater, comedy, film, art, and dining—keeps Seattle’s denizens inspired, its job market keeps the culture in business. There are a quarter of a million technology jobs in the state of Washington, 90% of which are located in the greater Seattle area. This has made it a hotbed of forward-thinking development, from co-working to co-living, and prompted Fortune to dub Seattle “the hottest real estate market in the country—by far.”

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