Link Real Estate is an investment and development firm based out of New York City. Founded by Dan Arev in 2012, Link Real Estate is adept at identifying burgeoning markets—focusing on investments, developments and acquisitions.

Link Real Estate initially started its brand in the New York market, acquiring and redeveloping investment properties with great success.

Partnering with other investors and developers, Link Real Estate is now at the forefront of the Wynwood, Miami market with several notable developments in line.

Currently Link Real Estate owns over 1 million square feet of property and is looking towards more partnership opportunities and to expand its portfolio.



Link Real Estate has invested in properties across a broad spectrum of product types including office; hotel; residential (including multi-family, single family, and condominiums); and retail. Link Real Estate invests both directly and indirectly with operating partners depending on the nature of the investment.


Link Real Estate developments showcases the company’s commitment to quality through a portfolio of well-designed properties that attract those who appreciate fine craftsmanship, innovation and commitment to long-term ownership. From multi-family properties to innnovative retail spaces, we distinguished ourselves through excellence in the real estate industry.


As an experienced firm, our active and entrepreneurial culture allows us to adapt as market cycles shift, keeping an eye towards new opportunities to create value and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns within our portfolio. Our belief in a hands-on approach to real estate—both in the office and in the field—is the same now as it was at inception.


    New York City is still globally, one of the top markets for real estate with an estimated $20 billion dollars invested in the past decade.

    As a constantly transforming city, New York City continually offers exciting opportunities and steady returns to both investors and developers making it one of the most stable markets for real estate investments.

    Link Real Estate continues the growth of its New York City portfolio by acquiring distinguished pieces that will appreciate as valuable assets.


    Miami, Florida has always been a nexus for investors, developers and designers to create some of the most distinctive examples of modern architecture.

    Wynwood, Miami is an evolution of that tradition by blending its own style and culture into its architecture; creating modern living spaces, prime retail stores, and art spaces.

    As of recent, Wynwood has gained significant attention as it is rapidly approaching the reputation of SoHo and Williamsburg of being a trendy and cultural hotspot.


  • 43-65 NW 23RD STREET

    This retail development aims to contribute to the Wynwood lifestyle and culture. It will host a number of popular retail stores, restaurants, as well as an outdoor screening area when it opens in 2015.

    2400 N. MIAMI AVENUE

    This upcoming mixed-use development is exemplary of what Wynwood is like - stylish, chic and modern. This development is a great example of our soon to follow projects in Wynwood.

    158 Lafayette Street
    New York

    This corner property, located in SoHo, is prime asset as SoHo continues to expand and solidfy its place as one of the world's trendiest neighborhood. The property currently serves its residential and commercial tenants by giving them access to the advantages of SoHo.


  • Dan Arev

    Dan Arev is seasoned in the New York City and Miami market. His ability to predict and understand market trends has enabled him to make swift, and decisive decisions leading to much success. His reputation is trusted by others for strong partnerships and expert advice.

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