Preferred Market

Washington, D.C.


America's capital,
looking better than ever

Neighborhoods we Specialize in

  • H Street
  • Brookland
  • Columbia Heights
  • Chinatown
  • U Street
  • Adams Morgan

Market Background

The District of Columbia is a city that may surprise you. With economic growth far outpacing the national average, D.C. is trending toward massive private sector explosion with leisure/hospitality, professional services, and tech being among the biggest drivers. D.C.’s already competitive real estate market has been bolstered by an influx of young professionals aged 25 to 39 unmatched in nearly any other city. This energetic, youthful population is driven by well-educated singles and upwardly mobile young couples—creating a major attraction for businesses looking to grow where the talent is. And lest the city start to feel too buttoned-up, D.C.’s vibrant immigrant community continues to generate cultural and culinary energy, alongside the creative impact of a prominent LGBT population.

Development Highlights

The lower median age and higher household income represents a booming opportunity for urban real estate development. D.C.’s office market is one of the largest and most active in the U.S., but traditional offices are still dominated by government and law-related tenants, creating a new demand for a fresh approach to workspace development that focuses on creativity and lifestyle amenities. Plus, this millennial daytime population (and evergreen tourism sector) put D.C. in a prime position for retail corridors and restaurant hubs.

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