158 Lafayette Street

158 Lafayette, located in the heart of New York City’s ultra-desirable Soho neighborhood, will be converted into a unique coworking environment. This rare NYC gem will feature ground floor retail as well as a popular F&B concept below ground. This property will house five-floors of coworking and creative office area.

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Property Info
  • Neighborhood SOHO
  • Address
    158 Lafayette St.
  • Size 27,460
  • Use Mixed-Use Office/Retail

SOHO: the original
"it" neighborhood

Whether you’re couture browsing, supermodel-gazing, or building your Instagram persona, there’s no place in the world like this downtown mecca. Though it may now be a global shopping destination packed with designer boutiques, buzzworthy pop-up shops, and the most creative street vendors in the world, Soho made its name as the epicenter of the city’s—and arguably the world’s—art scene. From the 70’s through the 90’s, pioneering artists intrepidly repurposed Soho’s then-unappreciated loft spaces as live/work studios, eventually setting the standard for urban cool and making the area a worldwide creative landmark. Today, Soho’s cobblestone streets and cast-iron architecture are no less beautiful or desirable than they’ve ever been, and the ceaseless demand for its real estate bears that out.

Market Background