612 South Broadway

The historic desmond building located in downtown LA will be repositioned into mixed-use office and ground floor retail as well as a rooftop F&B feature. This historically charismatic building represents the character and essence of downtown LA and the South Broadway revitalization currently underway.

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Property Info
  • Neighborhood Downtown LA
  • Address
    612 S Broadway
  • Size 80,000 SF
  • Use Mixed-Use Office & Retail

DTLA: A comeback as glamorous as LA itself

A few decades ago, Downtown Los Angeles wasn’t on anybody’s radar. Once a haven of entertainment and retail, DTLA had become a picture of urban decline and there simply wasn’t enough to do there to draw in a community.

Today DTLA is undergoing a renaissance, replete with a cultural and architectural resurgence that’s turning the area into a walkable, Metro-friendly destination for locals and newcomers alike. Glamorous hotels that showcase the district’s architecture, exciting museums atop Bunker Hill, restaurants and bars in the Historic Core, and live events in South Park are quickly transforming DTLA into the soul of the City of Angels.

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