901 Meridian Avenue

This historic and charming former church, known as the Ray of Hope, located in East Nashville, will be adaptively repurposed into a multi-faceted F&B and creative office property in the heart of Nashville’s Roxy Arts District. This redevelopment will include features such as a boutique lifestyle hotel and several food & beverage outlets to enhance the neighborhood and the dynamic presence of our users/tenants.

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Property Info
  • Neighborhood East Nashville
  • Address
    901 Meridian Avenue
  • Size 32,437 SF
  • Use F&B, creative office

East Nashville:
Music City's cozy
back porch

Always evolving, never boring, and rich with history, East Nashville has become one of the city’s most-desired areas to live and play. Its low-key vibe and neighborly personality make this community a beloved hotspot for locals and visitors alike.

The genial and eclectic community was described by Budget Travel Magazine as “Nashville’s version of New York’s East Village,” owing to its appeal for musicians, artists, writers, and other dreamers. The 5 Points district of East Nashville is the perfect home base for soaking in the vibes, with buzzy bars, eateries, boutiques, and galleries lining the picturesque streets.

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