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Given current market conditions and in anticipation of upcoming value opportunities, Link Real Estate is launching a targeted multi-family acquisitions platform. Through our comprehensive analysis, we have identified several markets within the State of Florida which we believe have tremendous growth opportunity and potential for long term upside and stability. Using our combination of commercial development and property management expertise will allow us to leverage management techniques to operate assets efficiently and professionally. As limited partners in current and previous multi family investments, we have come to appreciate the stability the multi family asset class provides, and will target acquisitions which will allow both a value add execution and capital preservation strategy for our investors. Please reach out to our acquisitions team with any opportunities.

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  • Neighborhood Orlando, Tampa, St Pete, Fort Myers, Palm Beach, Broward & Dade Counties

South & Central Florida Real Estate

On a national and global level, Florida has historically been one of the strongest commercial real estate markets, with continually solid returns and safety for the capital of global & domestic investors. In fact, US News & World Report currently ranks Florida #2 in terms of fiscal stability and #9 with its economy nationwide.
Within the state, South & Central Florida commercial real estate leads the way supported by consistently strong population growth, tax-friendly laws, continual visitors to the region by tourists from around the world, and innovative development projects. It’s not just the population growth that makes it an active and enticing market, but also the high volume of attractive real estate properties, the diverse cultural offerings, and the fact that it’s a travel destination for national and international travelers. With direct transportation access by land, air, and sea, it’s also a central hub for international business, especially from South America.
Florida’s commercial real estate market receives continual, major investments from global players in China, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. This substantial influx of capital coinciding with the current economic conditions provides a solid foundation for why South Florida remains a popular place for commercial real estate investments. All of these aforementioned factors aggregate to continually make it a hot commercial real estate investment opportunity.
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